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Malik Farukh Shahzad

Chairman BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd)

Malik Farukh Shahzad, the visionary Chairman of BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd), shaping the future of real estate with innovation and excellence. Experience a new standard in property development.

Bilal Bashir Malik

CEO BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd)

Bilal Bashir Malik leads as CEO. Transforming visions into reality, he pioneers excellence in real estate, defining a legacy of innovation and quality.

About New Metro City lahore

New Metro City Lahore is a new and ambitious project. It is developed by BSM Developers. The project aims to redefine the real estate landscape in Lahore. With a visionary approach, the developers aim to transcend traditional real estate boundaries.

BSM Developers, following the resounding success of their flagship project, Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar, are now ready to take on a new challenge in Lahore.

New Metro City Lahore is ready to bridge the gap between conventional real estate and an unimaginable world of possibilities.

Owners and Developers

Developers behind a residential project intricately tie the success and reputation to it. BSM Developers have solidified their position as a prominent player in the Real Estate market. They achieved this through projects like New Metro City Kharian, Gwadar Golf City, and New Metro City Gujar Khan. These successful ventures have serve as a testament to their expertise and commitment to quality.

BSM Developers have built a strong track record and the world highly trusts about their capabilities. Numerous real estate experts have identified their latest endeavor as a standout mega-project in 2024. This recognition stems from the company’s proven ability to deliver high-quality and lucrative real estate opportunities.

Consequently, investors widely regard this project as a strategic move that promises a mutually beneficial outcome.



In the heart of the burgeoning New Metro City stands a magnificent mosque, an architectural marvel that not only serves as a place of worship but also stands as a symbol of cultural richness and community unity.  

Its towering minarets reach towards the sky, adorned with intricate calligraphy and geometric patterns that showcase the city’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage. The mosque’s dome, an elegant masterpiece, reflects the interplay of light and shadow, creating a mesmerizing ambiance both day and night.

As a central hub for the city’s Muslim community, the mosque fosters a sense of belonging and solidarity. The spacious prayer hall accommodates a growing congregation, providing a peaceful sanctuary for daily prayers and religious gatherings.  


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A Comprehensive Review

New Metro City Lahore is an upcoming housing society. The society is being developed by BSM Developers, a reputable real estate company in Pakistan. New Metro City Lahore is expected to be a state-of-the-art housing society with all the latest amenities and facilities.

New Metro City Lahore is a well-planned housing society with a mix of residential and commercial plots. The society has been designed with the needs of modern families in mind. The master plan includes wide roads, parks, gardens, schools, hospitals, and commercial areas.

Affordable Payment Plans and Attractive Incentives

New Metro City Lahore is committed to making homeownership accessible to everyone, offering a range of flexible payment plans and attractive incentives to entice potential buyers. The society recognizes that purchasing a plot of land is a significant financial commitment, and they strive to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible.

Flexible Payment Plans

New Metro City Lahore understands that financial situations vary, and they have tailored their payment plans to accommodate different budgets and preferences. Buyers can choose from a variety of options, including :

Monthly Installments: Spread the cost of your plot over convenient monthly installments, allowing you to manage your finances effectively.

Quarterly Installments: Make larger quarterly payments to accelerate your ownership journey and reduce the overall interest burden.

Annual Installments: For those seeking a more structured approach, annual installments provide a predictable payment schedule and a clear path to owning your plot.

New Metro City Lahore will offer a wide range of amenities and facilities to its residents, including:

  • 24/7 security
  • Gated community
  • Wide roads
  • Parks and gardens
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial areas
  • Mosques

New Metro City Lahore is offering a flexible payment plan to make it easy for people to buy plots in the society. The society is also offering a number of discounts and incentives to its buyers.

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